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Eric Johnson - Remarkable Performance

Lori from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
16th September 2023

Last night, my husband and I had the privilege of attending Eric Johnson's concert, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Eric's mastery of the guitar was on full display, and it was truly a sight to behold. His fingers danced effortlessly across the fretboard, leaving us in awe. One of the most remarkable aspects of Eric's performance was his undeniable passion for both his audience and his craft. It was evident that he poured his heart and soul into every note he played, and that genuine love for music and connection with his fans shone through with every song. Throughout the evening, Eric treated us to a diverse repertoire that showcased his versatility as a guitarist! It was a night filled with music that touched the soul. His band members were equally exceptional. Their synergy on stage was remarkable, and they complemented Eric's virtuosity with their own musical prowess. The evening will be etched in our memories forever! Thank you!!

Pro EJ Muscles Thru occasional sound glitches

Skatingskis from Detroit, Michigan
23rd February 2020

But wow! Most of the time I could close my eyes and it sounded just like my CD’s. Fantastic Set! Fantastic Show!

Eric Johnson, Ah Via Musicom at the Crest in Sacramento

Lise H from Sacramento, California
7th February 2018

I completely agree with the other reviewer; this was a bucket list for me and except for the sound issues, the show was just awesome. I love Eric Johnson and it was so great to see in and the band on stage. It was a bonus to have Arielle as the opening act as she was really good. The Crest was the perfect venue, there really are no bad seats, in fact, it's often better to be closer to the rear than close to the front in terms of volume and clarity. I, too, would see Eric again, given the chance.

eric J

mike M from Fort Lauderdale, Florida
16th March 2023

The guitar playing was great, but the sound was awful. The bass was way too loud and drowned out the guitar a good deal of the night. Eric's playing was phenomenal, but he needs a new sound guy. I had seen him several times years earlier, and the sound was always great and mixed well. The sound here was terrible; you couldn't make out any of the vocals and the bass was way too loud.

Eric Johnson and unexpected Guest

Lou H from Wheatland, California
1st February 2018

Great show put on by an amazing musical talent, Mr. Eric Johnson. Opening the show though was a young lady by the name of Arielle who has talent herself. A powerful singing voice and no slouch on the guitar either, she performed several songs and also joined Eric later on in his performance. I would see either again. Our seats were at the highest level yet the small size of the stage and the closeness made any seat in the house a good seat. On the not so good side was the number of technical issues on stage with switches that didn't work (Eric handled all problems with humor and is a true professional) and the board operators inability to get the vocal mics high enough to hear much of the time. The sound quality while good was loud at times and the bass super overpowering at times. Even with that it was a performance I enjoyed positively and definitely will see him again when/if he comes back to Sacramento. Same goes for Arielle.


Thomas Grossman from Cape Cod, MA
28th September 2023

I saw Eric Johnson last night (9/27/23) at the Narrows in Fall River, MA. I echo the criticism of others around the country who took issue with the horrible sound system. I thought it was the fault of the venue, but others from varied venues expressed the same complaints. For a world class performer who’s been at this for decades, there really is no excuse for being deprived of the full force of his artistry due to amateur sound quality and mixing. It was like being served cold food at a 5 star restaurant.